Website SEO Health Check List – 5 Important Elements

How long has it been since you reviewed your website SEO health? Here is a tried and true checklist to use.

Check markPage Title – The page title is the most important element of your page. A concise, well-written “Title” with your primary keywords at or near the beginning makes a world of difference to Google and the other search engines.

Check mark Description tag – These descriptions are often used as a part of the snippet shown in the search results. The description needs to be page specific, provide an overview of page content, and include the keyword search terms. New page = new description.

Check mark Headers – Generally, every page should have a header, coded as an H1. If at all possible, your header should contain the keywords used in the previous elements.

Check mark First paragraph – The first sentence is very important and should include your most important keywords. This paragraph may be the only paragraph your visitor reads before making that “should I stay”, or “should I go” decision.

Check mark Internal Links – When possible, your home page should include a short paragraph introducing each of the major areas on your website. Link to those internal pages using the keywords in their titles, descriptions and headers. Google loves that kind of linkage.

There you have it! Review your pages, make those changes, and enjoy improved SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.