Web Copywriting Services

Crafting your copy so it gets found and persuades

Writing website content is different than writing for any other advertising medium so many people find copywriting for the web challenging. Your copy must be compelling, but it has to get found before it can be read.

Web CopyrightingGetting your information to prospects and customers is a multi-step process:

  1. write about the benefits of your services or products
  2. incorporate key search terms in your page content
  3. Google and other search engines are notified that your pages exist
  4. the search “robots” crawl your website and index the content on your pages
  5. quality of web copy influences whether a page may or may not be included in the search index (the text on a website must include the keywords people might use when searching)
  6. prospects or customers search for your business, product, or services
  7. the searcher’s browser displays your snippet from your web copy and the URL as a search result
  8. the searcher clicks on the link to open your website
  9. your website provides the user with relevant, well-written, and current information

It all begins with the words on the page!

Pictures, colors, and other graphical imagery will hold a user’s attention once they get on your website, but the words have to be on the page in order for the search robots, and therefore the user, to discover your website initially.

No one knows your business better than you do, but if you don’t have the time, or the people, to do your copywriting, we are happy to provide our copywriting services. We will help get the right words on the page so the search engines, and the people searching, can find your business, your products and your services.

Talk to our writers about your business and the focus of each page on your website. We will utilize research tools to better understand the keywords being queried on Google and other search engines, and then incorporate that knowledge with your information. We will write the copy for you into well-written text that will get found in search engines.

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