Quick Twitter Tips for New (and seasoned) Twitter Users

Despite all the blog posts listing right and wrong ways to use Twitter, the reality is you should use TwitterTwitter in the manner that works best for you, and that can vary  greatly from business to business.  Of course, there are some basic Do’s and Don’ts, but you can find those nearly anywhere (including a link later in this post). Here are a few simple things to think about before sending the next tweet.

  • Proof before you tweet
  • Don’t retweet an url without clicking on and reading the landing page. It may not be what you think.
  • Don’t use all 140 characters. Leave room so you get credit when retweeted.
  • Spread your tweets out over time. Don’t flood your followers with ten tweets at a time.
  • Don’t forget, you are not tweeting to @justsomeoneyouknow. Potentially, millions can see your tweet
  • Help others. Retweet what is interesting to you and hopefully your followers.
  • If you want to get tweeted, retweet others.
  • If you want to get retweeted for specific topics, use hashtags (“#” Symbols)

For those of you who want more Twitter information, the excellent “The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing” by @Copyblogger is a great resource.

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