Questions Online Shoppers Want Answered Before They Buy

Ecommerce QuestionsMost online shoppers are wary the first time they are visiting an estore. If you have an ecommerce website, building trust should be one of your priorities. Does your ecommerce website have the answers to these questions? If not, you have some work to do.

  • Who is this company?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Where are they located, and where do they ship from?
  • What does shipping cost? (Don’t ask for anything but my zip code before telling me.)
  • Is my credit card safe?
  • Is this product description accurate? Where are the details?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • Where is the phone number (and business hours) and other contact information?
  • My Privacy. Do they respect it?

It all comes down to building trust. If your website doesn’t have the answers to the questions above, it doesn’t matter how great your products and/or prices may be. No trust. No sale!