Not getting enough traffic to your website? Try Google AdWords

Seems like I talk about Google AdWords frequently. There is a reason for that. Advertising using Google AdWords just plain works. Those of you using Google AdWords already know the benefits. This blog post is for those still not taking advantage of a very powerful, cost-effective advertising medium.

Google AdWords

For the last few years, I have been writing (some may say, evangelizing) about using Google AdWords, and extolling its benefits. Since a significant number of our clients are not using AdWords, I obviously don’t convey the message well enough. Now, don’t get me wrong. We have many clients who enjoy the benefits of AdWords in increased, targeted traffic driven to their website for a budgeted amount that they control. They see quantifiable results. They know exactly how many people were delivered to specific pages on their websites, and the keywords their visitors used to get there. If they are also using Google Analytics and the the two accounts are linked, they know much more about their visitors. There are not many other ways to get self-qualified, quantifiable traffic to look at a specific product or service you offer, and at the advertising cost you choose.

Why use Google AdWords?

  • Control Cost – You set your daily budget, set your maximum per click for single keywords, or by ad group
  • Pay only for results – You’re charged only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed.
  • Local and regional targeting – Target by country, state, city, regions, or custom areas (set a radius of 10 or more miles from a point on the map)
  • Local ads – Help potential customers find you by showing a business address with your AdWords text ads. You can show your location to people searching for local information on and Google Maps.

Enhance your adds with these Ad Extensions

  • Site Links – your ad could look like this:


  • Address – display your address to increase local traffic
  • Phone – just list your phone number, or use phone extensions to enable “Click-to-Call
  • Products – extend ads with relevant product details and photos from Google Merchant Center (a way for you to register your company and its list of products with Google).

I have just scratched the surface with this blog post of what Google AdWords and we at WebWise can do for you. If you are serious about driving self-qualified, targeted traffic to your website, please email or give us a call at 1-800-281-9993 or 608-822-3750.