Should your business have a Mobile Website?

Should your business have a mobile website? For the majority of you, the answer is an emphatic yes!

The mobile revolution isn’t just coming, it’s already here.  In March of 2012, Nielsen reported that, “a majority (50.4%) of U.S. mobile subscribers owned smartphones.” According to Google, “By 2015, more Americans will access the web via mobile than desktop.” Others believe that will happen much more quickly.

Consumers use smartphones while

Don’t be fooled into thinking mobile websites only get looked at when people are on the move. A Google sponsored study shows that 93% of consumers use their smartphones at home!

Some of the benefits you will realize with a mobile version of your website:

  • “Touch-to-Call” feature increases leads and sales
  • Consumers take immediate action on mobile-friendly sites
  • Users can find you on Google Maps with a touch of a button
  • Users can easily add your phone number to their contact list
  • Allows you to utilize mobile-specific advertising
  • Allows you to offer coupons to mobile users
  • Measure results with great statistics
  • Make a great First Impression

Before and After Gondola Train Mobile Website

In today’s world your website is the first impression most of your prospects will have of your business. If those prospects are on the road, a mobile version of your website is critical to making that first impression on first-class experience.

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