Mobile Website or Mobile-friendly Responsive Design Website: Which is Better for Your Business?

For most businesses, considering a mobile-friendly web presence is not really optional anymore. Very few businesses can afford to ignore the explosion in growth of smartphone and tablet users who are looking for businesses just like yours.

You are likely getting emails and phone calls or have seen on the web offers to create mobile websites, mobile-friendly websites  (some, using responsive design) or an app. Of course they are promoting the specific mobile solution they offer, whether it is the right solution for you or not. If they try to sell you an app to take the place of a mobile website or a mobile-friendly website, grab your billfold and run.

So, what do you do? Talk with someone you trust who will explain the differences in all of those mobile buzzwords and will help you decide which mobile solution is best for you. The type of business you have and how you interact with your customers and prospects are key factors in deciding your mobile web strategy.

Mobile websites, or mobile-optimized websites, are versions of a regular site optimized to look great on all mobile phones. Additionally, most mobile websites take advantage of advanced capabilities of mobile phones, such as a ‘Click-to-Call’ button that places the call when clicked. Or, a ‘Find Us’ button that goes to a map centered on your location.

Mobile Website - Before and After

Some Google recommended best practices are:

  • Keep it Quick
  • Simplify Navigation
  • Thumb-Friendly
  • Design for Visibility
  • Make it Accessible

Mobile-friendly websites created using ‘Responsive Design’ allow having only one website that will adapt to the device on which it is being viewed, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet. While that sounds ideal, there are technical challenges. A website built with responsive design will automatically resize for different devices. But when the site has to squeeze down to a much smaller screen, decisions have to be made and coding has to be done as to which content is displayed well, if at all. Depending on the size and complexity of the website, using responsive design can be costly in time, which of course, is money.

Which Mobile Solution?

So what does all of this mean for most businesses? Mobile websites, mobile-friendly websites and mobile advertising are disruptive. They are new concepts of doing business. They should not be dismissed or ignored. They are effective, and they become more effective with every smartphone and tablet sold.

Henry Ford said, “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.”

For many of you, not having a mobile web presence and strategy will ultimately cost you much more than having a mobile web presence.

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