Social Media Marketing

We’ll help you choose and use the right social media for your audience

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and yes, the original social media, email (think newsletters) — WebWise will show you how to choose and use the social media platform(s) that will work best for you!

All social media requires a time commitment

The rewards can be significant, but generally don’t happen overnight. That said, the positive impact of social media marketing done well can be realized relatively quickly.


It takes time to manage your Facebook or Twitter accounts and post to your blog on a regular basis, so someone on your staff needs to be designated for this task.


One of the keys to a successful Social Media campaign is frequent monitoring. It is imperative you track the amount of time you spend and know your Return on Investment (ROI) of your Social Media campaigns. The old adage of “do it right or don’t do it at all” aptly applies here.

WebWise Design & Marketing will help you tailor a social media strategy that will work for you, write a plan to implement that strategy, and teach you how to manage it. If you are too busy or don’t have the staff, we will manage it for you.

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