Google launches new look on results pages

Yesterday Google rolled out a new user interface of its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). What you will quickly notice is the colorful Search Options column left of the results. Some of the options were made available a year ago and more were added in October, 2009. The difference between then and now is that before you had to open the search options column, which was minimized by default. Many Google users did not notice they had those options. The new  colorful Search Options column changes that.

Google's New LookWhat is the impact? Well, searchers will easily be able to filter their search results in several different ways. Searchers should be able to see more relevant results by refining their search using one or more of the options in Google’s Search Options Column. For our website clients, it means your potential customers or visitors will be using more specific criteria to find your product or service. One of the options I believe will be used frequently is the “sites with images” filters. Quality photos on your website are more important than ever. I also believe “related searches” will be used frequently.

There is much more that I could write about Google’s new user interface, but search guru Danny Sullivan wrote a great blog post detailing the features, so I am just going to send you to search engine land so you may read about it.

Here is Google’s official announcement. I’ll be following up with a post about the options I believe will impact our website clients the most..