Five Tips for a Merry Ecommerce Season

1. Photo Quality — High-Quality, Background, Lighting, Composition

  • Professional-Quality Photos sell! Do not use quick shots from your camera phone.

2. Detailed Product Descriptions — Engaging, Interesting, Complete

  • Truly describe your product. Don’t make them guess. Full descriptions sell.

3. Shipping – Upfront, Transparent, Full Disclosure

  • This is a deal breaker/maker for many. Don’t make your shopper login to find the cost. Price as low as possible. Free Shipping Sells.

4. Discounts and Specials – We all like a bargain

  • Introductory prices, close outs, use your imagination

5. Know Your Customer – This honestly should not have to be on this list, but is too important to omit.

  • New, Returning, Gender, Age, as well as you can ascertain.

Bonus: Tips for Empowering your Thank You page