Five Keys to Using Social Media Successfully for Your Small Business

test1. Have clearly defined goals

  • Establish your reasons for using Social Media and focus your efforts toward those goals.

2. Understand which Social Media platforms your customers and prospects use

  • Learn about your target audience and where they are online so you can reach them.

3. Establish a plan to measure success – What is your expected ROI?

  • Understand how your money and time is spent for the best investment possible. Implement a plan to measure your effectiveness so you can make improvements.

4. Learn the best practices and etiquette of Social Media platforms

  • Marketing your business effectively through social media is different than using Facebook or Twitter for personal interests.

5. Allocate enough resources – Money, people, time

  • To use Social Media effectively for your business, invest in the personnel and time to do it right. Only going halfway won’t be adequate. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

If you are going to use Social Media for your business or organization, develop a Social Media strategy and implementation plan. Ineffective use of Social Media could do you more harm than good.

We at WebWise Design & Marketing are happy to help you sort out the Social Media platforms that are right for your business or organization, and how to use each in a manner that will produce results.

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