Fine Wines – Whispering Bluffs Winery – Potosi, WI

The WebWise team is excited to announce a new wine shopping experience on the Whispering Bluffs Winery website. Working closely with the owner, Wes Helmick, Wine Maker, Larry Boyd, and Mary Beth Gerhards, the Whispering Bluffs Winery new website showcases their extraordinary award-winning wines, each having unique flavors and characteristics.Whispering Bluffs Winery Wine

Located in Potosi, Wisconsin, and nestled along the scenic Mississippi River, Whispering Bluffs Winery is a purveyor of an assortment of fine wines. Southwest Wisconsin is not Napa Valley, and Wes knew that many of the vines that flourished in California wouldn’t make it through a winter in the Midwest.

The wines from Whispering Bluffs Winery are Wisconsin grown and harvested from vines developed to withstand temperatures as low as 35 degrees below zero. Their cold-hardy Upper Mississippi Valley AVA* grapes are fermented and blended to create bold award-winning wines.

Fine wine makes a great gift for others and yourself. See and buy award-winning Whispering Bluffs Winery wines today!

* An American Viticultural Area