WebWise Small Business Starter Websites

professionally designed and developed “starter” websites for Small Businesses

Starting a small business is a daunting task. There are so many pieces of the puzzle to think about and put in practice. It also seems as though every time you turn around, there is another check to write or bill to pay

  • We both know you need a website for your business.
  • We both know you need it quickly.
  • We both agree you need your website pages to do well in Google search results.
  • We both know you don’t have extra cash for a fully customized website right now.
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WebWise Design & Marketing has a solution for you!

Introducing our inexpensive WebWise Small Business (SMB) Starter Websites: Taking what we learned from over two decades of custom designing, developing, and marketing professional websites that get found and perform, WebWise Design & Marketing now offers professionally designed and developed “starter” websites for Small Businesses.

SMB Starter Websites* start with one to four pages and can be expanded easily in the future.
  • Free domain name registration for first year
  • You may choose from some popular layouts and color palettes.
    You provide your logo (We can help with that.), or we can simply use your business name in a font/style you choose
  • You provide your content (text and photos)
  • We proofread your text and edit it judiciously, and add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tweaks if needed.
    We add your logo/business name and content
  • You review and approve
  • We create Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts for you, and GA tracking code to your web pages.
  • We launch your WebWise Small Business Starter Website

* WebWise SMB Starter Websites require a website hosting account. (We can help with that.)

Make a positive impression with your Google My Business listing!

WebWise will provide you with free support for setting up your Google My Business account so you may take advantage of the most important element of marketing any business locally

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