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Frequent updates? Do it yourself with WordPress!

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System, or CMS. It is an excellent choice for companies or organizations with numerous updates each month. WebWise Design & Marketing will create your website, using a customized WordPress framework. If you choose to do your website updating, WebWise will train you, or whomever you designate, how to use the the relatively easy-to-use, content management system. It is as Microsoft Word or any WYSIWYG word processor. You control the content and make updates when it fits your schedule. Of course, we will be there to offer technical support as needed.

Should you have a WordPress website that will allow you to do your own website editing? The answer is maybe yes, or maybe no. Saving time and money are one the primary reasons to create a WordPress site. We understand that, and we help our clients choose what type of website works best for them. If you are into reasonably full explanations, please read our blog post, “Will a Content Management System Website save you money?” For those who don’t want that much information, here are some things to consider when deciding if you should do your own website editing.


Should you have a WordPress CMS?

  • How frequently will you make changes on your website?
    • If the frequency is only a few times a year, it is not in your best interest to make your own edits. 
  • Do you or someone else in your organization have the time to make updates?
  • Do you feel comfortable writing search engine friendly copy for your website?
  • Do you feel comfortable sizing and optimizing photos and other images you would like on your website?

Did you know? We can add ecommerce shopping features to any of our WordPress websites using WooCommerce. Everything we do at WebWise Design & Marketing is done with you in mind, so please talk with us about whether or not a WordPress Content Management System website is the right solution for you.

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