B2B Companies are Making Connections Using Video Storytelling

B2B Video UsageGood content marketers know storytelling, done well, works. Business-to-business companies are starting to embrace what business-to-consumer companies have been using successfully for quite a long time.

B2B companies are awakening to the fact that we all enjoy a good story, especially when told in a video. We simply like to be entertained. Businesses that want to get their message out to as many as possible are finding that the story is the important part to ensuring more views. It has to be interesting.

Statistics from eMarketer show the actions taken after watching a technology-related video, according to their B2B Video Marketing: Best Practices for 2014 report.

The bottom line: visually telling your story can work in the B2B world.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits from YouTube Videos

YouTube One ChannelNot many think of their YouTube videos as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool, but here at WebWise Design & Marketing, we do. A high percentage of our clients who use videos on their websites, or on YouTube, have experienced excellent improvement in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. Next time you do a search on Google, take note of the companies with YouTube accounts linked to their websites and how they rank in the search results.

To benefit the most effectively, start by creating a YouTube “One Channel” for your business, community, or organization, and upload your videos there. Be sure to include keyword search terms in your titles and descriptions so your videos will be found when people search.

Setting up a YouTube “One Channel” (an abbreviated version):


  • Do: Create short, quality videos for display on your website and on YouTube
  • Do: Create and customize your YouTube “One Channel”
    • Use a properly sized, quality version of your logo.
    • Use the same color scheme as on your website. (Think consistency in marketing)
    • Enable the Overview tab
    • Link to your website
  • Do: Upload your videos on your YouTube “One Channel”
  • Do: Search Engine Optimize your YouTube Channel
    • Write keyword-rich titles and descriptions for your videos, and use relevant tags
  • Do: Judiciously embed your YouTube videos on relevant web pages

Do Not

  • Do not upload business or organization videos to a personal account, and likewise, do not  upload personal videos to a business account.
  • Do not use the default settings when customizing your YouTube One Channel
  • Do not ignore the fact that users present multi-device and multi-platform challenges
  • Do not upload videos that are not relevant and complimentary to your website content

Summary: DO use videos as part of your content and SEO marketing efforts. If done properly, you will reap rewards in more and relevant traffic to your website.

Of course, we are happy to help you with any or all of the above. Give us a call or drop us a note.