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Rack Card - WebWise Design - Graphic Design Services

In this age of electronics and digital everything, there is still much to be said for physical reminders of your business or organization that people can see and touch. At WebWise Design & Marketing, we have been custom designing logos, business cards, brochures, and annual reports for our clients for over 25 years. Now, we are expanding the types of brandingmarketing and advertising materials we offer as well as having the printing done for you.

  • Business cards are essential. They should be easy to read with your logo and current contact information. They should convey the overall image of your business and brand identity.
  • Brochures or rack cards that can be distributed via mail, the chamber of commerce, tourism office, or community center are track-proven options for promoting your business or organization.
  • Mugs and coasters with your logo sitting on desks or conference tables provide a constant visual reminder of your importance to your customers or clients.
  • Banners, posters and signs attract attention to or at your business location as you celebrate a grand opening, a new office, a special sale or other event.
  • Tote bags with your logo get noticed when your employees or clients carry them out in public.
  • Other advertising products. Whether you need a single sign for a one-time event or a full-scale branding campaign, let us know your objective and we’ll recommend the marketing materials that will help you achieve it.

Our graphic designers will work with you to create a new logo or upgrade your existing logo, and then design the marketing materials you need. Once the creative work is finished, we’ll have those items printed for you. Consider WebWise your one-stop shop for print advertising products!

“Design and Marketing” have always been part of our company name and now we are pleased to offer print product options for our everyone along with our well-known website development and online marketing strategies. Talk to us about designing and printing the right advertising and marketing materials for your business or organization.

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WebWise Small Business Starter Websites

WebWise SMB Stater Website Example 1Starting a small business is a daunting task. There are so many pieces of the puzzle to think about and put in practice. It also seems as though every time you turn around, there is another check to write or bill to pay.

  • We both know you need a website for your business.
  • We both know you need it quickly.
  • We both agree you need your website pages to do well in Google search results.
  • We both know you don’t have extra cash for a fully customized website right now.

WebWise Design & Marketing has a solution for you!

Introducing our inexpensive WebWise Small Business (SMB) Starter Websites: Taking what we learned from over two decades of custom designing, developing, and marketing professional websites that get found and perform,  WebWise Design & Marketing now offers professionally designed and developed “starter” websites for Small Businesses.

Our SMB Starter Websites* can be from one to four pages and can be expanded easily in the future.

  • Free domain name registration for first year
  • You may choose from some popular layouts and color palettes.
  • You provide your logo (We can help with that.), or we can simply use your business name in a font/style you choose
  • You provide your content (text and photos)
  • We proofread your text and edit it judiciously, and add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tweaks if needed.
  • We add your logo/business name and content
  • You review and approve
  • We create Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts for you, and GA tracking code to your web pages.
  • We launch your WebWise Small Business Starter Website

*  WebWise SMB Starter Websites require a website hosting account. (We can help with that.)

WebWise SMB Starter Website Example 2Make a positive impression with your Google My Business listing!

WebWise will provide you with free support for setting up your Google My Business account so you may take advantage of the most important element of marketing any business locally

Ask about our SMB Starter Websites Payment Plans.

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Three Pre-Holiday E-Commerce Tips That Work

Santa OwlIs your ecommerce website ready? If you sell online, the holiday season is nearly upon you. Here are three items you should review and act on if necessary. Each of them will help you convert visits to sales.

You know what your customers bought or didn’t buy in the past. Take a good look at how you are currently presenting your products. It is a good bet that focusing on these three tips will make a considerable difference in your holiday sales.

1. Meaningful Product DescriptionsDo not copy and paste product descriptions from your vendor. Create unique descriptions for each item you sell. Do not shortcut this. Write them for your customer. More, but concise, information means more conversions. Explain what your product is or does and why they should buy it. Help your website visitor visualize using your product.

2. Professional-Quality Photos — It is simple. If you have professional quality products to sell, you need professional-quality photos. iPhones and many Android phones have great cameras, but the person taking your photos needs some photography skills. You do not necessarily have to hire a professional photographer, but you do need photos taken by someone who knows about and will incorporate lighting, simplifying the scene, framing the subject properly, aspect ratio, balancing elements, symmetry, viewpoint, using backgrounds, depth, and colors. The necessity for high-quality photos cannot be overstated.

3. Easy-to-find, Complete Contact Information — Your telephone number should be large enough to see and touch (for mobile users) easily. Provide your visitors with options: phone number(s), contact form, email address, mailing address, office hours. Include prominent links to shipping and return information as well as your privacy policy.

Today’s consumers want more and relevant information about what they buy online. The time you spend on these recommendations will serve you well.

    • Meaningful Product Descriptions
    • Professional-Quality Photos
    • Easy-to-find Contact Information

Make it a happy holiday season by improving these three areas of your ecommerce website!

First Impressions Matter! What Does Your Website Say About Your Business or Organization?

What kind of first impression does your website make for your business, community, or organization?

First Impressions Matter! Not many of us would argue that. Unfortunately, when it comes to websites, many business owners, as well as community and organization leaders, don’t often think about how they make their first impression. The reality is that the first impression formed by your prospective customer or visitor is not likely to be made when the visitor walks up to your front door. It most likely will be made online, and in rapidly increasing instances, it will be made on a mobile device.

    • Does your website look as professional as you believe your business or organizations is?
    • Does your website look professional on phones and tablets as well as a desktop computer?
    • Is it attractive enough to make the visitor spend some time on it?
    • Can your visitor quickly determine what you offer?
  • Can your visitor quickly find your contact information?
  • Does it convey enough to make prospects want to contact you, or order online?
  • Can they call you with the touch of a button on their mobile device?

People are busier than ever, and their time is precious. The reality is, if your website is more than three or four years old, it likely does not meet Google’s current mobile-friendly standards. If that is the case, you are not making a good first impression when prospects see your website on a mobile device.

First Impressions Matter!

It Is Not Enough To Know Who Your Audience Is

So, you truly believe you know who your website audience is. Hopefully, you don’t believe that is enough. You still have to make and maintain a favorable connection with your prospective and current customers.

How do you do that? The answer is by using the other 4 Ws as they relate to online marketing.

Five WsWhat — Refine what you want to say. Well-written, relevant, and grammatically correct copy is imperative. It doesn’t matter if it is a 1,200-word blog post, a 140-character Tweet, a product description, or a Google AdWords text ad with a 25-character headline and two 35-character description lines. Provide relevance and value.

When — The adage, “Timing is everything,” is true.  Know when to send your message to your audience.

  • Look at your website and or Facebook analytics to see when most of your visitors are online.
  • If you have a newsletter, check to see when your subscribers are opening your email.

Where — You said you know your audience. Go where they are. If the majority of your website visitors get there by searching Google, you may want to consider Google AdWords (the type of campaign may depend on the devices your visitors use). If your audience is on Facebook or Pinterest you should be too, and consider advertising there. The same is true of other Social Media. If they listen to the radio, a short commercial always closing with your URL can be effective. Similarly, classified and other newspaper ads can be effective as well. Remember your “Who” drives your “Where.”

Why — Are you trying to . . .

  • create brand awareness?
  • drive traffic to your website?
  • reduce inventory of a particular product?
  • announce a new product or service?
  • build your newsletter subscriber list?
  • thank a returning customer?

The reasons why you are trying to reach your audience affects what you say, when you say it and where it is told.

Applying the 5 Ws as they relate to your marketing plan (You do have a marketing plan, do you not?) will reward you for your time spent. After all, simply identifying your audience is not enough.